English Studies


The English Studies Program consists of a Language Unit, Literature Unit, and Interpreting and Translation Unit.

In the Language Unit, students conduct research on various aspects of language and communication, including language knowledge systems, cognitive processes and interpersonal negotiations.

In the Literature Unit, which mainly focuses on literary works in the U.K., the U.S.A. and other English-speaking countries, students conduct research on the thoughts and world views of authors, with their sights also on the intersection of literature with society, history, and other arts.

In the Interpreting and Translation Unit, students offer theoretical speculation by analyzing actual interpreting and translation data, and conduct research on issues of evaluation of interpreting and translation, in addition to clarification of cognitive science processes.

【Credit Requirements】

●Master's Program(Thesis)
 ・20 or more credits from the subjects in the major.

●Master's Program(Coursework+Research Project;Non-Thesis)
 ・12 or more credits from the subjects in the major.
 ・Up to 18 credits of subjects in the majors and common subjects can be counted toward the overall requirements.
 ・Up to 4 credits of subjects in the Coursework Program General Subjects can be counted toward the overall requirements, but only when a surpervising professor gives special parmission.

Double Master's Degree Program with Monash University

KCUFS offers a double Master's degree program with Monash University (Australia) in the field of interpretation and translation. In this program, students spend the first year at Monash University and the second year at KCUFS, and awarded Master's degrees from both upon completion.

『Double Master's Degree Program with Monash University』

Double Master Program Application Guidelines

2020 Double Master Application Form