Cross-Cultural Interaction

The Doctoral Program provides students with a choice of three courses: the Linguistics Course, the Cultural Studies Course and the Social Studies Course.
Students study the interchange, contact, friction and coexistence of cultures, all common to their fields of study, while they are also engaged in research in their respective areas of specialization.
This curriculum gives students the opportunity to be original and creative, and it aims to foster those who can reshape conventional and closed fields of study into highly interdisciplinary new ones.

Linguistics Course

This course aims at providing comprehensive language studies by focusing on Japanese and its neighboring languages, observing prospects of language exchange and contact in the future, studying each individual language, and comparing various languages in terms of time, space and geographical features.

Cultural Studies Course

The course aims at surefooted and creative studies under the four divisions of a cultural framework: Asia including Japan, Russia, Europe and the Americas combined, and an Islamic sphere, instead of the traditional divisions based on political structure.

Social Studies Course

In this course, we provide a variety of programs in three fields based on our university’s long tradition as a foreign language educational institution: Law and Politics, Economics and Management, and Area Studies.