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Name Department Title Research Field
Adam ACAR English department Associate Professor Cross Cultural Communication: Communication competence and sources of miscommunication in cross-cultural encounters.
Marketing Communication: Advertising effectiveness.
Business Communication: Cross-cultural negotiation and compliance gaining styles.
New Communication Technologies
Henry Atmore English department Professor I am currently writing two books, one on 'Charles Dickens and British Empiricism', and the other on 'Dickens, Theology, and History'. I am also engaged, intermittently, on a long-term writing project about John Ruskin.
Campana, Mark Robert English department Professor Pragmatics: politeness and prosody; tone of voice and display of affect. Theoretical linguistics: syntax and morphology of Austronesian and Amerindian languages.
Tsukasa CHIBA International Relations Professor World Economy, International Relations, International Trade, Agricultural Development
Mika EGLINTON English department Associate Professor English drama, particularly early modern and contemporary drama English and Japanese comparative drama, in particular productions of Shakespeare in Japan and East Asia Performance Studies Actively involved in the creation of theatre as a translator, dramaturg and critic
Taro ESAKA International Relations Associate Professor International Finance, Exchange Rate, Exchange Rate Regimes, Capital Controls
David Lee FARRAH English department Professor American Poetry, Creative Writing, Steinbeck. Current writing and re-search focuses on the physical nature of poetry as it is expressed through its intersection with the visible landscape, as well as the non-visible, underlying quantum world.
Takao FUJII Social Science Course Associate Professor Macroeconomics, Fiscal Policy
Junko FUJIWARA Russian studies Associate Professor
Yoshiichiro FUKUDA General Culture Course Professor Studies in Japanese grammar (syntax, morphology).
Tsubasa FUKUE General Culture Course Associate Professor
Noritaka FUKUSHIMA Spanish Studies Professor
Akiko FUNAO International Relations Professor Historical analysis on dynamics of international legal order, focused on the rule played by international organizations in terms of agenda setting and collective legitimization
Chuta FUNAYAMA English department Professor My current research is centered on the construction of an online model of utterance comprehension. Recordings of authentic simultaneous interpreting are used to support the hypotheses about conceptualization in linguistic understanding.
Edgar FRANZ General Culture Course Associate Professor On basis of Philipp Franz von Siebold's private papers and manuscripts in the Siebold Family Archives in Castle Brandenstein in Germany, the research concentrates on Siebold's significance for the modernization of Japan, the political dimension of Japans activities and Siebold's influence on the opening of Japan for trade and avigation. Furthermore, various relations between Japan and Germany and their mutual influence, including medicine, literature and art are explored
Norihiko HAYASHI General Culture Course Associate Professor Tibeto-Burman Linguistics and Southeast Asian Languages
Akira HONDA English department Professor Cognitive Linguistics
Noriko HOSHINO English department Associate Professor Psycholinguistics, bilingualism, language production, lexical access, second language acquisition My research uses bilingualism as a tool to examine the cognitive and linguistic factors that constrain language processing and learning. I am interested in addressing the questions of whether bilinguals whose languages are more similar and those whose languages are more distinctive sublexically, lexically, and syntactically have similar constraints on processing in the native and second languages and whether these constraints are modulated by individual differences in language proficiency, working memory capacity, and inhibitory control. I use even-related potentials as well as behavioral measures to understand the cognitive underpinnings of language processing and learning.
Yoshikazu ISHINAGI Social Science Course Lecturer Financial Accounting, Disclosure, Valuation
Koichi KAGITANI International Relations Associate Professor International Trade Theory, International Trade Policy, Political Economy
Akira KANAZAWA General Culture Course Associate Professor Psychoanalytic psychotherapy, school counseling, racial minority (Koreans in Japan)
Yuriko KANEKO Russian studies Associate professor Modern Russian grammar, Aspectology, Word-formation, Contrastive linguistics
Masamichi KAWAGUCHI Spanish Studies Associate professor Spanish semantics and pragmatics, contrastive analysis of Spanish and Japanese
Shosuke KINUGAWA English department Lecturer American Literature, mainly mid 19th to early 20th century fiction. Mark Twain. Detective fiction.
Satoshi KITAMI Russian studies Professor Russian Literature, Philosophy and Culture of 20-th Century
Tatsuya KONNO Chinese Studies Associate Professor
Osamu KURIYAMA Social Science Course Professor Securities Regulation
Miho MABUCHI General Culture Course Associate professor History of Japanese Paintings (medieval and early modern times)
Naoka MAEMURA International Relations Lecturer social psychology, cross-cultural psychology
Kyoko MATSUNAGA English department Associate Professor My special interests are American Indian, Environmental, Atomic Bomb or Nuclear Literatures. I especially focus on the representation of nuclear issues (nuclear science, uranium mining and milling, waste disposal, weapons testing, etc.) in Native American Literature. My theoretical approaches include cultural studies, postcolonial theory, and environmental justice.
Masaaki MITSUNAGA English department Professor Modern British History (Victorian Era; Social History; Intellectual History)
Fumitoshi MORIYA Social Science Course Associate Professor Organizational economics, Contract Theory, Applied Game Theory
Junichi MURATA English department Professor foreign language teaching and learning especially applying findings from various fields of linguistics such as cognitive linguistics and corpus linguistics and sociolinguistics
Kunio MURATA International Relations Professor a study on the relationship between the economic development and the democratic development in the hegemonic system and its order
Hitomi NABAE English department Professor 19th C. American Literature and Comparative Literature
Mikako NAGANUMA English department Associate Professor Translation and Interpreting Studies, Systemic Functional Linguistics.My research includes theory, practice and education in interpreting and translation. Working in the field of education, I have been exploring theoretical studies based on the wide range of my practical experiences as a professional interpreter and translator.
Yukihiko NAKAI General Culture Course Professor Japanese Linguistics (Phonetics, Phonology, Dialectology, Sociolinguistics)
Yoshitaka NAKAMURA Social Science Course Professor International Business Practices, especially some rules and regulations used in, for example, Incoterms 2000, UCP600, CISG, UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts.
Keisuke NAKASHIMA Social Science Course Associate Professor, Global Issues & International Business My research interest include the long-term fiscal, economic, social, and geopolitical implications of population aging and population decline in Japan and around the world--or popularly known as "global aging."
Tomoko NAKATA International Relations Professor Keywords: cultural change, modernization, development, Southern Laos
Yoko NAKAZAWA(NAMIKAWA) General Culture Course Professor British imperial history, especially the international anti-slavery movement and the missionary activities from the late 18th century to the 19th century.
Mizuho NARITA Spanish Studies Associate Professor Latin American literature
Norio NASU English department Associate Professor Theoretical linguistics; syntax. Current research topics include: (i) semantic interpretation and phonological realization of copies; (ii) structure of peripheral parts of sentences
Takashi NIBUYA International Relations Professor Comparative Cultural Study, Cultural Rep-resentations
Lori ZENUK-NISHIDE International Relations Associate Professor My research interests include teaching and assessing written academic?communication, spoken interaction, repositioning literature in language teaching, curriculum development and motivation.
REN Ying Chinese Studies Professor Research interest includes syntax, semantics, and the studies of writing
Midori NIINO English department Professor Victorian Studies
Kensei NISHIKAWA English department Professor Seventeenth-Century British Poetry (Donne, Herbert, Milton); Twentieth-Century American Poetry (Wilbur, Bishop)
Kazuhiro NOMURA English department Professor My research interests include speech communication, educational technology and English teaching.
Ryujin NOMURA Spanish Studies Professor Spanish Renaissance literature
Tetsuya OGOSHI English department Professor style and structure in modernist novels
Takao OKAMOTO Russian studies Professor Russian language history, Old Russian, Ruthenian, Old Church Slavic
Yoshihiro OKAMOTO General Culture Course Associate Professor Study on practical theory of "the Class of Integrated Study" to recoverits essence and activate it again.The focus will be on the research cycle constructed through the unification and sequencing of discussion activities looking at solutions to problems and experiential activities as the core of inquiry process.
Takashi Oishi International Relations Associate Professor Post-Colonial Studies; Modern South Asian Studies; Comparative Islamic/Muslim History; Indian Ocean History
Itsuku Ota Chinese Studies Professor Chinese Historical Phonology, Chinese Dialectology
QIN Zhaoxiong Chinese Studies Professor My main research, which is based upon fieldwork, compares the Chinese and Japanese systems and cultures of marriage, family, and religion.
Juan Romero Diaz Spanish Studies Associate Professor Second Language Acquisition, Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language, Syntax, Semantics, Generative Lexicon.
Jiro SAKURAI Chinese Studies Associate Professor Chinese Environmental Law, Environmental  Policy, Sustainable Development.
Montserrat SANZ Spanish Studies Professor Syntax/Semantics interface, lexicon L2 acquisition processes, Sentence Processing, lexicon storage
Akihiro SASHI General Culture Course Professor History of the English Reformation; Social history of early modern England.
Haruko SANNOMIYA English department Associate Professor My research aim to reflectively describe and analyze, as well as develop, EFL lessons, teacher education, and curriculum, mainly employing qualitative research methods.
Masanori SHIBA General Culture Course Professor
Seiichi SUGIYAMA General Culture Course Associate Professor A study on young Herbart, especially about "Die Literarische Gesellschaft der Freien Manner". (1794-1799)
Toshiyuki SHIMIZU Russian studies Professor The Eastern Christinianity and Russian Literature
Sachiko SHIMOJI Chinese Studies Associate Professor Chinese Linguistics. Contrastive analysis of contemporary Mandarin Chinese and Japanese with emphasis on grammar and semantics.
Miki SHINODA International Relations Professor Multicultural American Literature, Literature and International Conflicts
Donna TATSUKI English department Professor My research draws upon several disciplines within Applied Linguistics: psycholinguistics (perceptual errors in listening), second language acquisition, teaching methodology/materials development and interlanguage pragmatics including the study of multi-party talk using Conversation Analysis. Recent research includes textbook analyses (pragmatics, representations of gender/ethnicity and the use of literary texts in language teaching (structure, processing and learning effects of narratives and storytelling)
Kazuhiko TAKAHASHI Russian studies Associate Professor Legal history, Russian civil law
Takashi TAKEKOSHI Chinese Studies Professor Chinese historical grammar, specially based on materials outside of China in Yuan,Ming and Qing dinasty.
TAKETANI Kazuyuki General Culture Course Professor Sport Culture Studies & Sport History
Junko TAKEUCHI General Culture Course Professor French literature
Tsuguhito TAKEUCHI General Culture Course Professor Tibeto-Burman Linguistics and Old Tibetan Philology
Ken TAMAI International Relations Professor The School for International Training(Vt.US), Master of Arts in Teaching
Mie TAMURA General Culture Course Professor Social psychology
TANAKA Toshihiko General Culture Course Professor French studies and Korean studies
Satoru TANAKA Social Science Course Professor Industrial Organization, Economics of Innovation, Economics of Public Procurement
Matthew THEADO English department Professor American Literature from the Civil War to the Present; Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation writers
Yasunobu TOMODA Social Science Course Associate Professor Monetary policies, Financial regulations, Income inequality
Aki TSUMORI Chinese Studies Associate Professor Modern Chinese Literature, Literary Representations of the Native Place, Shen Congwen
Jun UEDA Social Science Course Professor Main Fields of Study: Anglo-American Law, the Law of Trusts, Civil Law and the Law of International Trade.
Haruhiko YAMAGUCHI English department Professor Pragmatics and discourse analysis
Satoru YAMAGUCHI Social Science Course Professor Constitutional Law
Masataka YAMAGUCHI Social Science Course Associate Professor Language and culture, language in society, discourse analysis, media discourse, etc.
Akihiro YAMAMOTO General Culture Course Associate Professor History of media culture. Historical So-ciology
Yoshiko YAMANOUCHI General Culture Course Professor Cultural History of Central Europe
Rayco YOKOTA General Culture Course Professor Whole Language, Teaching English to Elementary school children, Experiential earning, In-service and pre-service teacher education
Saeko YOSHIKAWA English department Professor English Romanticism / Modern poetry in English