1946 Kobe Municipal College of Foreign Affairs founded.
1949 Kobe City University of Foreign Studies established; replaces former College of Foreign Affairs.
1953 Evening Courses (Department of English Studies) are added.
1962 Spanish Department added as nation's relationship with Latin American countries deepens.
1967 Two-year graduate program in English, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish established.
Graduating students awarded a degree in Master of Arts.
1986 The University relocates to a new campus in "Academic Town; GAKUEN-TOSHI" in the northwestern part of Kobe.
1987 Department of International Relations added, increasing the number of University departments to five.
1991 Two new graduate programs established: Division of Japanese Language and Cultural studies and Division of International Relations. In 1999, the former was renamed the Division of Japanese and Asian Languages and Cultural Studies.
1995 Early in the morning of January 17th, the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake occurred. It struck the southern parts of Hyogo Prefecture, and destroyed the central and eastern areas of Kobe, causing tremendous damage. Damage to the University, however, was light as it is situated in a western suburb of the city.
1996 The three-year doctoral program in international cultural studies established.
1999 The University and several other universities and colleges situated in "Academic Town" create a consortium through which students can take courses for transferable credit. They also have access to "Unity", a conveniently located building of classrooms for common use.
2004 A new graduate programs established: Division of English Language Education and Research
2007 Turned into independent administrative university.
2021 A new undergraduate carriculam established.