Address & Telephone number

9-1, Gakuenhigashi-machi, Nishi-ku, Kobe
TEL : +81-78-794-8151
FAX : +81-78-797-2257
Email : library(at) *Please replace (at) with @.


Reading room / Open stack room (1F)

You are free to read all the materials inside the rooms. After using them, please put them on the shelf or the return book truck.

Closed stack room (2 & 3F)

When you use materials in the closed stack rooms, please fill out its call number by referring to *OPAC or catalogs list and bring it to the circulation desk.
Faculty members and graduate students can enter the 2nd & 3rd stack rooms for browsing.
*OPAC is a system for searching the electronic catalog of materials held in the KCUFS Library.

Checking out

For borrowing the books, you should present your Student ID Card to the staff at the circulation desk. You cannot take reference books and periodicals out.


Undergraduates & Auditors: 10 books / 2 weeks
Senior (4th-year) students: 15 books / 2 weeks
Graduate students: 20 books / 4 weeks
Faculty members: 30 books / 12 weeks

Please return the borrowing materials to the circulation desk or put them into the Book Drop post next to the library entrance.
You can renew the materials before the due date except when the other users reserve them. When you have materials overdue for return, you will not be able to borrow new ones or renew them.
There are long-term loans for vacation time. Please check the Library Information for details.


Library staff will answer your individual question about the details of the materials you are searching for, or the information on particular subjects.

Number of holdings (as of March 2022)

Books: 434,788 books (Japanese & Chinese: 244,044 / Other Foreign Languages: 190,744)
Periodicals: 5,348 titles (Japanese: 3,818 / Foreign Languages: 1,530)

Facilities (as of March 2022)

Floor area: 3,300 m2
Seats: 290 seats

For Members of the Public

The KCUFS Library is open to those who live or work in Kobe city and are above eighteen years old. Please bring an ID card that shows you live or work in Kobe city to enroll to use the library.

Enrollment fee for processing: 500 yen (one year)

For visitors from other universities

If you are a student or a faculty member of other universities and want to use our library, please bring a letter of introduction from your university library.