The city of Kobe stands at a crossroad, geographically as well as historically, connecting Japan with the world. As befits its location, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies prepares its students to work in a variety of multilingual environments. Our campus is filled with students who are interested in foreign cultures and languages in their various dimensions, as well what is currently happening in the world. We welcome anyone who aspires to live and work in the global community.

At our university, you can study the language and society of a country from many different aspects. If you are interested in Japan, for instance, you can study it through the prisms of its society, culture, economy, history, people, and international relations. On our campus, you will find many Japanese and international students who share your interests.

The area around Kobe is home to more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other region in Japan. You may travel to sites in Hiroshima, Miyajima, and the old capitals of Kyoto and Nara as one-day trips, though of course you may want to extend your visit. Here in Kobe, you may appreciate the dynamism of tradition and modernity mixed together. Why don't you study with us?