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Program Description

International students enrolled in undergraduate/graduate courses from partner universities can apply to the Japanese Language Program (JLP).
Japanese Studies Students, Japanese-government-sponsored scholarship recipients, recommended by an Japanese embassy abroad are also accepted into our Japanese Language Program (JLP).
The program offers small size classes in order to improve students' Japanese language abilities effectively and students will be divided into small groups based on their Japanese language proficiency. Additionally, international students of Japanese Language Program (JLP) can take regular undergraduate course subjects alongside with regular KCUFS students to learn more about Japanese culture and society.

Japanese Language Program (JLP)

About Fall Semester 2022
About Spring Semester 2023
About Fall Semester 2023

* Only students from partner university can apply to this program.

Course Syllabus

* Click here for the syllabi for regular course classes. (Japanese Only)

Student Support
JLP Partners

JLP partners provide immediate support and friendship to new JLP students and help them successfully adjust to the new culture and environment in Japan. For each new JLP student, a couple of current KCUFS students become his or her partners. JLP partners begin communicating with new JLP students before their arrival in Japan to help them prepare for what's ahead at KCUFS. The partners continue to be friend and support JLP students in daily and campus life and also offer opportunities to practice Japanese outside classes.

Club Activities


There are a lot of club activities at KCUFS. Joining a club is a great opportunity to come to know KCUFS students better as well as have fun!

Sports: Karate / Japanese Archery / Kendo / Aikido / Tennis / Baseball / Swimming / Soccer / Basketball / Badminton / Volleyball / Lacrosse / Rugby / Field Hockey / Skiing / Wandervogel / Dance

Culture, Language, Music, & Volunteering: ESS / Spanish Language Study / Light Music / International Law Study / Choir / Tea Ceremony / Chamber Music / Movies / Brass Band / China Study / Japanese Language Teaching / Fine Arts / Folk Song / Photography / Flamenco / Volunteering

Japanese Studies Student Program

Japanese Studies Students, Japanese-government-sponsored scholarship recipients, recommended by an embassy are also accepted into Japanese Language Program (JLP).

Click here for the outline, application info. etc. of Japanese Studies Student Program.